Top ace street skateboarder and future Olympian Nyjah Huston has thrown his weight behind Wilder World’s Immersive 3D Metaverse powered entirely by NFTs and the $WILD token that is built on ZERO.

Appropriately deemed “The X-Factor” by ESPN Magazine as the sole pro-skater who will change the course of the ‘real world’ sport over the next decade, Nyjah will also play a big part in shaping the Olympic sport’s transcendence into the Metaverse with his recent partnership with Wilder World.

The seven time X-Games gold medal winner who has earned more prize money from competitions than any other skateboarder in…

We are thrilled to officially welcome into the Wilder fold, Maven 11 Capital, a pioneer investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Maven 11 Capital believes blockchain will have a breathtaking impact and play a focal role in the future global economy, with networks and protocols ultimately leading to the formation of the next Internet era: Web3 the Internet of Value, decentralized finance infrastructure and tokenization of every possible current and future asset on earth.

Maven 11 Capital has invested in and built an extensive network in the blockchain industry for many years including companies like Alchemix…

It’s been a monumental effort but the Wilder team have risen to the occasion and we’re happy to report that our redemption site is live and ready to claim for community members from Group A that were impacted by the ChainSwap Hack.

Summary of events

We are delighted to officially welcome Signum Capital, an investment firm on a mission to realize the future of the Blockchain economy, into the Wilder World family.

Signum Capital is a Singapore-based firm that exclusively backs Blockchain-enabled companies. Their mission is to invest in and support game changing web3 projects and companies such as Wilder World.

Signum Capital have a keen focus on Token Generation Events and equity investments and they assist their portfolio companies in a number of areas including community engagement, strategic partnerships and connections into institutional investors/advisors.

The investment places Wilder World alongside some industry heavy-hitters with…

It’s been a $WILD 48hrs in the cryptoverse; we continue to honor and acknowledge the Wilder community for your patience and support.

For those unaware of the matter at hand, on Saturday July 10th, 2021 at 20:47 UTC:

  • There was a vulnerability exploited in the ChainSwap protocol that impacted our community members trading on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and PancakeSwap.
  • Roughly 2 million $WILD was stolen from the ChainSwap Bridge Contract on Ethereum and ~652.44 WBNB ($207,216.47 USD) on PancakeSwap.
  • Wilder World was one of 17 projects impacted by the ChainSwap Hack.
  • This was not a vulnerability in the $WILD…

Firstly, we want to thank the entire Wilder Community for your support and positive energy around the unfortunate ChainSwap Hack.

We would like to assure the community that the $WILD ERC-20 Token continues to be safe, secure and open for trading on Uniswap and $WILD has completed comprehensive smart contract audits with ConsenSys diligence to ensure the core protocol is protected.

Due to the recent vulnerability hack with ChainSwap, please do not trade on PancakeSwap or Binance Smart Chain. Uniswap, and other exchanges trading the $WILD ERC-20 contract are safe to trade and are operating as expected.

Summary of Key Events:


We are honored to officially invite you to join the Wilder World private network on ZERO, as we collectively transcend deeper into our immersive 3D Metaverse powered entirely by NFTs. We are super excited to give our social audience early access to the ZERO network.

The powerful network enables communication, collaboration and transactions. This occurs directly between content-creators, developers, and members, independent of third parties or big tech. It’s where curious minds come to access unparalleled behind the scenes concepts and content from the Wilders.

The ZERO platform provides a number of useful features for our community (artists, collectors and…

We are delighted to officially welcome Spartan Group, a highly respected digital asset management firm into the Wilder World family.

Spartan Group’s co-founding team consists of veterans from the finance and venture capital worlds in Asia and brings a deep network across industries, experience serving entrepreneurs to help deliver superior results through their advisory and investment businesses.

With well over twenty years of experience in venture investing, their advisory arm also provides a full spectrum of services to all stages of companies in the blockchain, cryptography and digital asset ecosystem.

The investment places Wilder World along side of some of…

The Wilders are thrilled to welcome one of the best in the business into the growing family of supporters, bolstering our vision to build a photorealistic, mixed reality Metaverse powered entirely by NFTs.

DCG is a dedicated team who believe cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will drive global economic and social change. The company’s unique operating model allows it to deploy a full range of resources to strategically build the blockchain ecosystem over a long-term horizon.

Founded and led by Barry Silbert, a pioneering digital currency investor, who established himself as one of the earliest and most active participants in the…

Wilder World is excited to announce its partnership with one of the world’s leading blockchain gaming experts, Animoca Brands, to bring next level vehicle utility and property ownership in the Metaverse.

Animoca Brands has backed over 50 NFT projects including Dapper Labs, the creators behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shots, as well as NFT marketplace OpenSea. Animoca Brands is also the company behind the REVV Motorsports blockchain platform, The Sandbox, Quidd, GAMEE, Lympo, and many other exciting projects and companies, so we are thrilled to have Animoca Brands throw its weight behind Wilder World.

Animoca Brands has a rich history…

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