Orlando Magic NBA Star Michael Carter-Williams Joins Wilder World As Head of Metaverse Athletics

We are extremely excited to officially welcome Michael Carter-Williams as our new Head of Metaverse Athletics, responsible for all things sporting P2E in Wilder World.

Also known as MC-Wilder, Carter-Williams is a respected NBA star, a Point-Guard for the Orlando Magic, was a first-round draft pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013 and won the Rookie of the Year award in 2014.

MC-Wilder has been building a highly regarded sporting career, but it’s not just basketball that he loves — he also has a deep passion for gaming, esports and all things crypto.

Michael publicly entered the crypto and NFT space almost a year ago, and his personal experiences have led to him to finding a dream home in Wilder World and backing projects such as ZED Run and NBA Topshot, to name just a few.

MC-Wilder’s love for gaming and desire to improve eSports as a P2E player is what first sparked his interest in Wilder World. As we gear up for the launch of our first release city of #Wiami, MC-Wilder is going to be critical in helping Wilder World roll out fun and interactive activities starting with Wilder Wheels.

“I had my eye on the Wilders for some time, the team just always seemed like they were running to where the ball was going to be next in the Metaverse. They have built some incredible technology through zero.tech and their creative genius is world-class. I’m very excited to join Wilder World and help in any way I can. As a gamer myself, I believe that gaming is key to growing the crypto industry and Wilder World has the potential of being the #1 platform worldwide.” said MC-Wilder.

MC-Wilder is looking forward to contributing to the $WILD community in an official capacity and has already been deep in the Wilder lab working on ideas which he hopes will help grow the Wilder Nation even stronger. MCW’s Role in the team will be to lead athletics and sporting-themed drops and engage his vast network of major sports brands and profiles to join Wilder World Nation.

One of Wilder World’s most exciting features is the Metaverse itself, allowing P2E players to earn cryptocurrency every time they play. This ground-breaking approach has already led to significant community growth since its launch and something that MC-Wilder is excited to play with anyone inside Wilder World.

A Digital Human from the Wilder World Editorial Team.