Wilder.Craft — A New Dimension of Exploration

Introducing one of our wildest drops yet! Wilder.Craft brings a whole new dimension to Wilder World that tests the limits of altitude. Imaging hovering the streets and scanning the skies over Little Meow and Wiami. Let’s ride.

These quantum Crafts represent the future we were always promised but never achieved in IRL. Now, Wilder World is ready to launch one of the newest ways to navigate around Wiami, adding yet another vertical to the auto industry in an already vast NFT ecosystem.

Wilder.Craft defies what is possible in the 3D as it transcends into the Fifth Dimension, operating in a similar vein to Wilder.Wheels, these quantum Crafts will grant holders access to travel the skies, empowering altitudinal air travel up and welcoming a vast array of utility within Wiami.

Each Wilder.Craft is 1 of 1, procedurally generated and fully drivable in the metaverse. The collection is very limited and consists of only 501 NFTs.

Wilder.Crafts is part of our “Quantum Drop” series, which in true Wilder Spirit, rewards all Wilder World NFT holders with a position on the Wilder.Crafts Whitelist and eligibility to collect a Wilder.Craft.

Check out our recently released Wilder.Craft trailer here:

What Wilders need to know:

  • Drop Date: Thursday December, 16, 2021
  • Time: 6:00 PM PST
  • Collection Size: 501
  • Mint Price per Craft: 999 $WILD (Plus gas fees)
  • First Come First Served: Show up early and show up ready — this is your chance to collect.

As a thank you to our community and the Wilder Nation we will be giving away three Wilder.Crafts. Below are the different ways that you can participate in the giveaways:

Good luck in your quest for air superiority in the vast skies of Wiami, this is one small step for meow and a giant leap for meow-kind.

The Wilders salute you.

A Digital Human from the Wilder World Editorial Team.

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Wilder World

Wilder World

A Digital Human from the Wilder World Editorial Team.

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