Wilder.Wheels Community Whitelist Now Open

We know how much the Wilder Nation has been waiting for Wilder Wheels to drop, that’s why we are super excited to update our community on our progress and the cadence of events that will follow.

Our community and the Wilder Spirit is at the core of what makes Wilder World such a special project. We are delighted to announce that the team has decided to ring-fence 1,000 Wilder Wheels for 500 true die-hards in our community.

In true Wilder spirit, we are always striving to reward our community for their participation. So in this spirit, 200 of the 500 Whitelist positions will be reserved for the Wilders that supported our AIR WILD Kicks campaign by placing a bid for a pair of Metaverse ready sneakers.

This means there are 300 remaining spots up for grabs for Wilder members of our ZERO and TG community to potentially gain access to this early release of Wilder Wheels at a heavily discounted price for the Wilder Nation compared to the public drop that will follow.

The 500 Whitelisted Wilders will be eligible to buy 2x Wilder Wheels (per person) once the drop goes live, these will be the very first Wilder Wheels that the public will have access to out of the 10,101 limited-edition, 1 of 1, fully drivable 5D vehicles as NFTs, a truly historic moment in the Metaverse.

Important Details:

  • Whitelisting open date: Friday September 24 @ 10:30AM (PST)
  • Whitelisting close date: Monday September 27 @ 6:00PM (PST)
  • Available Whitelist positions: 500 (200 reserved for AIR WILD bidders)
  • Available allocation of Wheels to purchase: 2x NFT vehicles per person
  • Price of Wilder Wheels: ETH 0.369
  • Community drop date: It’s a surprise, but very soon ;-)
  • Whitelisting link: https://bit.ly/WheelsWhitelist

To enter the Whitelist, Wilder’s need to fill out this Typeform and enter all of their details correctly plus answer a few questions that helps us to authenticate that you are indeed a true Wilder and radiate the Wilder Spirit.

Once the Whitelisting event has closed, there will be a randomized draw of qualified users who will then be approved for the final Whitelist. Entrants who did not complete all of the steps will not be considered for the draw and duplicate identities will be excluded.

When the community drop opens up on the Wilder World Metaverse Market (WWMM), Whitelisted Wilders will have a 2-hour window to purchase their Wheels before the drop is opened up to the broader public to participate.

While first and foremost we wanted to honor our community and early WWMM supporters, that’s just the beginning, the Wilder Wheels drop campaign has several more elements including a rare art car auction with Wilder World’s key supporters and then the main event when we release the Wheels to the broader public.

Wilder Wheels distribution:

  • Wilder Wheels Exclusive Community-Only Whitelisting Pre-Drop = 1,000
  • Wilder World Crypto Allies Rare Art Car Auction = 101
  • Wilder Wheels Public Release = 8,000
  • Wilder World DAO = 1,000
  • Total = 10,101

As always, we appreciate your support and we couldn’t do what we do without the deep love and support of the Wilder Nation, strap yourself in for a WILD ride as we continue along on our Road to the Metaverse.

The Wilders salute you!